Swaddle Reviews

ollie swaddle review

1. The Ollie: $59 for a single or $99 for a set of two

While it's a pricier option when it comes to swaddles, it's absolutely worth the few extra bucks in my opinion. I first heard of The Ollie while I was going through the Taking Cara Babies Sleep Course. While watching the videos, I couldn't help but notice how easily and quickly they were swaddling these babies. I couldn't adequately swaddle a baby if my life depended on it despite a decade of babysitting and nannying for little ones. Nicholas however is a swaddle pro, and so he was hesitant to give this one a try because we already had quite a few swaddle blankets laying around that were working just fine. But after just one nap time swaddle, he was hooked. Isla has always loved being swaddled, but we are totally convinced this one helps her instantly calm and even nap longer. It's designed to be worn below the shoulders which I love because I don't ever worry about it getting near her mouth or nose. It fastens with Velcro so the fit is always tight enough to keep her arms in for the entirety of the nap. The bottom of the swaddle ties off with the help of a band so it's easily adjustable as she grows. The tie bottom also makes for easy night time diaper changes because you can leave the arms swaddled and not wake them too much! 

2. KidWild: $48 for a set of two

We love these swaddles and have from day one. The only downside to them is that if you're a swaddle flunky like me, as with all blanket style swaddles, you run the risk of baby's little limbs breaking free. These swaddles are organic cotton and have an awesome amount of stretch to them that allow for a pretty snug fit. They come in sets of two, which ends up making them the best priced out of the four swaddles that I've listed here. The color options are neutrals and minimal patterns that I absolutely love. We now use these mostly as play time blankets (I don't mind leaving them laying around because they blend with our decor!) and as backup swaddles. 

3. Milk Barn: $25 each

Another swaddle that we love, but within a few days of Isla's first growth spurt realized these weren't going to work long term. They are muslin and bamboo so have very minimal stretch to them, making it difficult to snuggly swaddle, and very easy for baby to break free. Although they have the cutest patterns and make for great blankets to play on. We also use them as stroller covers to help block the sun because they are very thin and breathable so I never worry about Isla getting too hot! If we're using it as a stroller cover out and about, I'll tie two corners together and use it as a nursing cover too. We live in an older home and our upstairs gets a little warmer during the afternoon which makes it hard to regulate the temperature between floors. We'll use these as swaddles on hotter days! 

4. Woombie Swaddle: $29 each 

I know this is a swaddle that many love, and I wanted to love it too! It was one of the first swaddles that I registered for because I loved the idea of it so much. It has a zippered front and is designed more like a tight fitting sleep slack, so baby can still move their arms in a similar way that they were able to in the womb. We put her in this once and she expressed via screaming pretty quickly that she preferred the normal swaddle, so we threw it in a drawer and didn't really think about it again. Until the day that all of our swaddles somehow ended up in the same load of laundry together and it was our only option. This time when we put her in it she seemed super comfortable and content. Although because she was so content, I had a #firsttimemom moment and examined her in it to the point of worry. It's structured like a crew neck shirt with the zipper going all the way to the top, I just couldn't get over the fact that it seemed so tight around her neck (read: it wasn't tight at all, it just seemed that way). I spent the entire night just watching her sleep. Probably a good option for some, I just didn't have peace of mind with the design. 

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