Montessori Shelf | Movement: Yoga

I wasn’t expecting Isla to be interested in yoga so early, but she has been loving watching me practice and mimicking all the moves that she is physically capable of. This shelf is accessible by her, so I don’t initiate movement because at some point every day she pulls these items down. At 10 months, she seems to understand that pulling these items off initiates a yoga session, so I just let her decide when she is interested. I do have two items on the shelf for myself: my yoga mat and my therapy ball. I got hooked on this therapy ball while I was pregnant and try to roll the bottoms of my feet every day now. My yoga mat is travel sized, so it folds down very compactly. Isla is pretty obsessed with the therapy ball, but since it touches the bottoms of my feet I wanted her to have her own— hers is just a similar textured ball from a set of sensory balls she has had for awhile now.

Her yoga mat is a beautiful toddler size option that will last her for years to come. She does prefer to be on my mat (sitting under me and playing with my hair), but I still lay hers out so she has the option to be on it if she wants. Also on her shelf is a fun yoga board book that was gifted to us. I have the sequence memorized, so she usually hangs onto it and flips pages randomly while we move through each pose. Her yoga cards were a recommendation from another Montessori blog’s movement shelf. They come in a huge pack, so I just have three of the cards in a basket. As she gets older we will incorporate the games on the cards, but for now I just read them. The cards are taking quite a beating, but once she is a little older and more capable of handling them gently, I would like to purchase these yoga cards for kids.

As far as the actual yoga goes she really loves down dog, taking deep breaths, and swaying her arms up in the air like a tree in the breeze. Some days she is interested for only a few minutes before she crawls off elsewhere and other days she sticks with me for a whole half hour. Either way it feels so special to be helping her learn mindfulness techniques at such a young age.