Montessori Shelf | Market

Isla was gifted this fun set of fruit and vegetables and my vision for this low shelf really started to come together. Instead of buying a new low shelf for her in the kitchen, we decided to use an existing shelf that has a bottom shelf that needed to be cleared when baby proofing. We have already gotten so much use from these fruits and veggies and I haven’t rotated them off since we got them nearly two months ago— she LOVES them. We use them in a few different ways…

Matching: I took iPhone photos of each piece and had them printed and laminated. She can’t match on her own just yet but we have fun looking together to find the matching card for each piece.

Reading: I found two books (listed below) that are both very simple and promote labeling of foods. There’s no storyline, just realistic fruits and vegetable illustrations. We stop on each page to see if we have the piece of fruit or vegetable that the book mentions.

Washing: Before she could stand at her functional kitchen, I would lay out her gathre mat and give her a bowl of water and a colander. Now she stands at her kitchen splashing around and washing the pieces. Not exactly practical life, but a really fun activity on a rainy day and basically saved our sanity this winter. What’s more fun that wearing a bathing suit inside?

Transferring: Isla loves to transfer each piece of fruit to an empty basket I place beside it. I don’t disturb her while she’s doing this work as she always initiates it herself now, and seems very dialed into it.

Shopping: She likes to fill up her market bag and wagon, and push it around. I stocked her wagon with some random market items, like a box of beans, a glass jar with dried black beans, and an empty jug (she likes to practice twisting the cap on and off).